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    Castle Old BTS (2009) Season 2.

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    More Castle Writers Join C.A.S. Convention

    A short time ago we announced Castle Executive Producer & Writer Terri Edda Miller would be joining us and now we’re happy to add a couple more names to that list. Writers Chad and Dara Creasey will be joining us! We know you’ve come to love them on Twitter since they started… … read more

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    That moment when he realizes that she was alone during the summer and he had left her there…

    I just got legitimately saddened by this. Very sad.

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    Caskett at the loft throughout the years.

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    Stana Katic, Vanity Fair Italia (b&w edit)

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    Beckett loves it when he is asking her for permission to do things, it’s like she’s in love with this 12 year old sugar rush egotistical smartie pants.

    That’s because she is in love with this 12 year old sugar rush egotistical smarty pants

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  10. And the craziest thing a fan ever did for me? This one fan let me follow her around while she investigated New York’s strangest homicides. She’s still letting me, and I love her for it. (X)

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    Castle in TV Guide 

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    castle caps (31/?)

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    Here’s some scoop on Castle from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat column, which was posted on 9/16/14.

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    Favourite Castle Episodes 12/?: ‘Punked’ (3x04)

    "How do you know when you’re in love?"

    "All the songs make sense."

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